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Dog Training Collar 3280 Feet - & Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

Dog Training Collar 3280 Feet - & Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

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✓ 100% Safe, Humane & Effective Electronic Training Collar - Our  Dog Training Collar with Remote is designed to be safe and humane. It uses sound and vibration to train your dog, without causing any harm. Teach your furry friend basic obedience commands and correct their behavior with Dog Training Collar for dogs with 5 Main Functions. It features beep, vibration, shock, light, and keypad lock for added safety. 

✓  Safe for Use on All Dogs 10 Pounds and Larger - If you are having trouble training your dog this is the safest and most effective solution to stop unwanted behaviors and get your dog to ultimate obedience. Our dog shock collar with remote is perfect and safest for collar training. The adjustable sound frequency (1-8 levels) can attract your dog's attention. For stubborn dogs, the shock function (1-99 levels) is available.  

✓ Waterproof IP67 - It’s waterproof IP67 rating and additional light with two modes ensure your dogs safety day and night. Our electric dog collar is perfect for small medium and large dogs and is a safe and effective way to train them. Product that can solve uncontrollable behavior, such as excessive barking, and is the perfect bark collar for your dog. 

✓ Dog E Collar Training with Remote 3280 Ft Range - Dog Training Collar offers double the control range of ordinary products, with two-way communication for more accurate and effective commands. The receiver is designed to respond even when separated by two walls, ensuring reliable control over your dog's behavior. 

✓ Long Battery Life Rechargeable - Rechargeable bark collar is a must-have for dog owners! The long battery life of up to 35 days on standby and a recharge time of just 2 hours via phone adapter or USB outlet make it convenient and efficient. The remote has a battery life of up to 45 days, and the screen displays power levels of both the remote control and receiver.

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 Dog Training Collar 3280 Feet - & Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

Rechargeable dog traing collar
The dog training collar is designed to be rechargeable. It can be fully charged in just 2 hours and has a standby time of up to 35 days. Similarly, the remote control for the collar can last for up to 45 days before needing to be recharged.
Dual battery indicator
The dual battery indicator feature allows for two-way communication between the remote control and receiver, enabling the display of power levels for both the remote control and receiver.

Lock key
The lock key feature includes a single key lock mechanism that effectively prevents false triggering.

Adjustable intensity
The adjustable intensity feature allows for the customization of sound, vibration, and electric shock levels, making it suitable for training dogs of all sizes.

Protect the dog's neck
The dog collar is designed with two rubber pads that provide effective protection for the dog's neck. It is important to note that the collar should not be worn by the dog for more than 12 hours.

IP67 waterproof
The collar is IP67 waterproof, which means it is highly resistant to water and can withstand immersion up to a certain depth. This feature allows dogs to freely play around a pool or in the rain without any inconvenience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1086 reviews
Quickly Redirects Low-Moderate Behavioral Issues

I purchased this item for my Australian Cattle Dog mix (he has a little beagle in him). He barks at everything and I needed to curb this behavior to avoid noise complaints from neighbors. These dogs are very intelligent and extremely stubborn. I received this item as advertised and carefully read the instructions. I tested the features on myself so that I would know what my dog would feel. I used this product for one week using all three features in succession. My dog quickly adjusted his behavior and now I only have to use a one-word command to stop the barking. The batter life is fairly good. I have only charged the collar once and have yet to charge the remote. At the end of the day, he is a dog, so I allow him to bark, but I don't allow him to do it incessantly. I recommend this product for a dog with low to moderate behavioral issues. I cannot speak to how effective it is for a dog with severe behavioral issues.

Great Training Collar - Love the light feature

This isn’t our first training collar. We have had sport dog collars in the past. I prefer this collar. I like the way I can dial in the intensities and lock them. I love the light up feature! We adopted a one year old, very active American Bulldog/Boxer mix and he was quite stubborn to ignore correction until we began using this collar. We have not needed to shock him. The tone and vibration get his attention and turn his focus back to us. Mine has held a charge for at least 2 full days of wear (we remove it when he is sleeping) without needing a recharge. My yard is 3 acres, and it works from one end to the other. Recharge requires a simple USB low voltage (5v) connection, the wire is provided. You want to be sure not to use a rapid charger or high voltage charger, just the standard usb that most outlets and basic chargers have. The only improvement I can suggest is a connector to allow me to put the remote on a lanyard to wear around my neck rather than to have to carry it in my hand or a pocket.

For a German Shepherd Alpha!

Undoubtedly Strider, (my German shepherd) is the king of the hill. I have had him in obedience school twice, and have worked hard with him as an alpha pup.Regardless he remains the biggest pain in the neck because of his barking, and also his propensity to extreme distraction. So, several electric fences, two barking collars later I decided to give this a try.Let me count the ways thia has helped. The barking stopped immediately. He adjusted quickly to the beep after about two vibrations. His occasional inability to heel has been brought under control and he walks next to me with straining. Other training issues (sit, lay down, wait, etc) have been resolved in about a week. He is happier, more secure, and very responsive.Amazing device with so many features in one. Both collar and remote appear sturdy and well made.Don't shortcut, start with this collar and you'll save yourself a lot of trial and error in the future.

Debi Morgan

I purchased this collar because my chocolate lab was charging the horse/rider that we approached while we were out riding the trails. I was forced to leave him at home, I didn’t want an accident to happen because of his behavior. He absolutely loves to go, very hard on both of us. I put the collar on, when we did approach someone all I had to do hit the sound warning and he backed right down. Problem solved. I put it on my other dog as she won’t come back at night, she likes to hide …..hates coming in the house. I click on the light and use the sound button. Not only can I hear where she’s at but I can see the light. The light also gives us good light to see back to the house. Love it!

Ryan T
Great product!

I have a chocolate lab puppy and he would not stop jumping on people. About a week with the collar and he completely stopped that behavior and people comment how calm and sweet he is. I have recommended this collar to other people who will be buying this product. Highly recommended to anyone having problems training their dog.

Paul Chukwu

Dog Training Collar 3280 Feet - & Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

Robbie Redmon

It is a great collar purchased a second one for other dog as it is a great product!

Shauna Cappini

This is the best investment I've ever made. I have a super reactive and vocal great Pyrenees. And not only does this collar keep him from barking, it is also helping train him with the noises. Definitely worth every penny.


Dog Training Collar 3280 Feet - & Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

Eliabeth Ogden
Not right size for 12 pd. Silky Terrier

Collar too wide, heavy for small dog as is the mechanism for controlling barking. Unable to use. Need to get info on sending back, getting refund